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Drawing Rules & Restrictions:

   1.)    In the event of controversy, Organizers' discretion will prevail.  Decision of Organizers is final.

   2.)    Anyone's donation of $30. shall earn 1 non-event attendance Hiking Meetup & 2 Back- Pack drawing entries; & 3 non-event attendance SEMdomains Club Meetups, and their limited membership Trials, to each Meetup.  Consult site posts, or contact Organizer.  * Extra activity costs, event fees, or other costs, may apply during any given Meetup:  consult posts to govern. 

   3.)    Anyone's donation of $15. shall earn 1 non-event attendance Hiking Meetup &  1 Back- Pack drawing entry; & 3 non-event attendance SEMdomains Club Meetups, and their limited membership Trials, to each Meetup.   (Also, see "Fees," above.)

   4.)    Winner need not be present at drawing to win.   Must be claimed w/in 1 week or Pack goes to second draw (standby).   Winner notified & Posted on both Meetups sites.

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