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       Special Instructions, Info. & Tips

     To successfully complete our simple application process, please:

  1.)  Fill Out the simple Form (at the left). 

      Our Activities Group Leader position is a highly responsible part/time Volunteer job, in that we have invested hundreds of hours and considerable money planning, and executing this program for the FREE enjoyment of any interested citizen.  

       With his enjoyable participation, he will return again, and again, to other activities.

       We must trust you, to be professional, and kind to our laypersons participating.   thus,  in-this-manner, some  become our future member-Volunteers, and Charitable Leaders.

       You will have a tremendous opportunity to be Our Organization's 1st Contact with the general public, each of whom is a potential (future), new member of our company's. 

       Thus, you also have an opportunity to showcase your Own Charitable Cause/Acct., and offer Mentorship, & guidance if they are attracted to your work, your poise, and pro. expertise.   Now you understand what a tremendous opportunity it is to be a welcoming force, in this position?  Of course!

ALL Personal Information is kept Strictly Private  -- for Safety/Security purposes only.   NONE is seen by the Public! NONE!


ALL Personal Information is kept Strictly Private  -- for Safety/Security purposes only.   NONE is seen by the Public! NONE!

​​​In which of these activities, do you have amateur skills or professional experiences?

Walking      Jogging      Hiking     Meditating      Healthy-gourmet Cooking      bowling

canoue      kayaking      Knitting      Crocheting      Calisthenics      Sports      Book club

baking      fishing      sailing      archery      swimming      bicycling       sail-boarding . . .for 

scores of worthy causes:   Pet Adoption, Breast Health Awareness, 1st Responders,  

Child Adoption, Neighbor Transport, Visiting Sick, Senior Svces., Youth Scholarships ...

   Would you teach, or facilitate a meetup of recreation for credits & compensation?

Past-times:   movie-going       jewelry making      Quilting       Leather-crafts      Pottery

flying-drones      Organic-gardening      metal-crafts    ...  What can you teach members?

Demonstrations:   Do you  have something to teach eager new member friends?

Business Seminars:  What business lectures or talks can be adapted for Charity?

  Questions?   Email Us, to discuss where you fit in       -– Volunteers' Activities TEAM

Thank you for filling out the Form (left).  Together, we can make this position fun, rewarding, and fulfilling.  The tips below should help you completely understand the opportunity.

    organize  or  run  o.u.R.TM  Special interest gROUP TM  - Speede to Advancement!

Register FREE - No Purchase necessary.

Join Us!  Come and:  learn, exercise, meditate, explore, hike, walk, cook, eat, run, bowl,, talk, heal - Join Our Lifestyle Activities Club,FREE.    Grow thru Self-Improvement  - help your Community!        Get on Our Mailing List  - NOW!


Sponsor a friend, start an event, do a business demo., participate for great Perks, Awards, & Special OffersNow!.


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We Do NOT rent, lease, loan, or give away the personal information of our members nor applicants to anyone else NOR Any Entity for any reason.


              Show Leadership!  - Have FunMeet New Member Recruits for Your Own Group(below)  TM

 Become an Activity Leader

       Special Instructions, Info. & Tips

     ... continuing... :

      When fully completed, press the submit button, and we'll contact everyone within 48-72 hours (or less). 

  2.)   Join Our FREE Meetup Group, at:

      As you sign-up, you MUST Leave:  "Able to Receive Messages from Organizer:"  open, or 'enabled.'  So Admin. can always contact you., is a social network site devoted to exactly these kinds of active  activities.  It has tons of special adult past-times, and sports, to list as your interests.

      Your completed "Profile" on here, is a most excellent way for Us to get to know you as a person. and your most important life goals, as our newest Volunteer.

      Once joined, the meetup site, will tell you that you are a 'pending member' in our 

                         "Overflow Group."   Ignore that.

                           I will make you a permanent                                   member of our meetup group,                               so you can receive updates, of                               all our activities.

Expand!   Tell Us your Skills TM - Fill Out the Simple Form(below)  & Try Leading a Group.  Great Exposure!     


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We are seeking:  Volunteers needed to run CLUB:  Special Interest Activities Groups


thank you for applying for a Volunteer Leadership (commission/compensated) position, Leading a '1,2,3,Volunteers'TM  Special Interest Activity Group, to benefit  Our Nations Communities and Our Society. TM        Applying is easy as: 1, 2, 3!   Please follow Steps below: 

         How to Quickly Apply:

1.)  Fill out the Simple Form (below)2.) Join for FREE Group3.) Send Email.                  Please use the 'Special Instructions' (below) for helpful details necessary.

Standard Form

ALL Personal Information is kept Strictly Private  -- for Safety/Security purposes only.   NONE is seen by the Public! NONE!

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That's why the need for the Security and Identity items.

To safeguard the interests of our many members, donors, Volunteers, hourly workers, & the general public.

       Special Instructions, Info. & Tips

... after finishing the above two (2) steps :

  3.)  Send Us a piece of Email, at:

  Send us a piece of Email, from your most-loved, most- used, permanent Email address with the words:

"finished  3 Volunteer Activities Leader  Sign-up Steps."  in  your Subject line.

    Thank you for your interest in working with '1,2,3, Volunteers Organization.'  

We look forward to meeting you personally, when you attend our meetups, enjoy our activities, and Volunteer your-self   -- to help Our SocietyTM

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