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We are seeking:  Volunteers needed to run CLUB:  Special Interest Activities Groups

after we attended some Club Meetings.  and could not be happier with the result. They talked us through some great concepts, and we trusted their expertise, and everything came out better than we ever expected!" 
– Charles & Gina Rendoz
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In which of these activities, do you have amature skills or professional experiences?

Walking      Jogging      Hiking     Meditating      Healthy-gourmet Cooking      bowling

canoeing      kayaking      Knitting      Crocheting      Calisthenics      Sports    Book club

baking      fishing      sailing      archery      swimming      bicycling       sail-boarding  . . .for 

scores of worthy causes:   Pet Adoption, Breast Health Awareness, 1st Responders,  

Child Adoption, Neighbor Transport, Visiting Sick, Senior Svces., Youth Scholarships ...

   Would you teach, or facilitate a meetup of recreation for credits & compensation?

Past-times:   movie-going       jewelry making      Quilting       Leather-crafts      Pottery

flying-drones      Organic-gardening      metal-crafts    ...  What can you teach members?

Demonstrations:   Do you  have something to teach eager new member friends?

Business Seminars:  What business lectures or talks can be adapted for Charity?

  Questions?   Email Us, to discuss where you fit in       -– Volunteers' Activities TEAM​

   Would you teach, or facilitate a meetup of recreation for credits & compensation?


 Business Seminars:  

                                                                                          – Volunteers' Activities TEAM

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